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The security personnel are minimum matriculate and are given further in-house training of  7 days so as to enable them to perform their duties.

Specialized training is also given to security personnel to be deployed at a specific location ie banks, ATMs, MNCs, educational institutes, manufacturing industry or the hospitality sector. The employees are further given refresher trainings and on-the-job trainings. 
Top Guarding Services Private Limited lays special impetus on training and has developed a training program for its security personnel which is of highest quality, is proactive and reactive in nature to the detailed security requirements.

The training imparted to the security personnel comprises of strict security training. Three levels of training which are applicable at the level of guards. These are stated in brief as under:- 


The subjects covered are drill, saluting, code of conduct, gate-house duties, telephone procedures, public dealing,frisking procedures, patrolling, emergency procedures, legal obligations, operations briefing, fire prevention, fire fighting, first aid, security systems and so on. 


This training schedule includes the specific training related to the geographical/environmental requirement of the place required to be served by the personnel. 


This training covers the specific site and post instructions given and agreed by the client and ourselves. 


This training co relates to the job being carried out and is a continuous process. The training is imparted by the supervisory staff available on the site. 


This training is of four days duration and is imparted once in six months. The subjects covered are on the lines of basic training. 
• We remain most concerned towards your needs and requirements, with the view to enable your staffers work peacefully  in a fear-free, relaxed atmosphere ,focusing their entire concentration on their respective core tasks. 

• We at Top Guarding Services Private Limited recognise the fact that the change is eventual. The trends of committing the crime are fast changing, hence the strategies of combating the crime. We are there fore constantly on the mission of studying and applying the latest means and procedures to keep our clients safe and secure.

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